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Title: Requirements for a Thai Non-Immigrant visa for purpose of visiting family
Post by: USA Expat on July 21, 2012, 07:23:29 AM
Requirements for a Thai Non-Immigrant visa for the purpose of visiting family (Type "O") and Supporting a Thai Spouse

These requirements are universal for all Thai Embassies and Consulates, however, there are some slight variations from place to place.  Some locations are more strict than others.

If you have any doubts about what is required, or if you are getting conflicting information about what is required, I suggest you take multiple copies of everything with you to the Thai Embassy.  If you are not sure if it is needed, take it anyway.  If you leave Thailand to go to Laos or Cambodia to get the visa, and you are missing something important, you will only be able to return to Thailand with a 15 day VOA.

First, you need a Non-immigrant visa for purpose of visiting a family member (spouse).  If you are currently in Thailand on a Tourist visa, you must get a Non-immigrant "O" visa for marriage before you can get the extensions.  This is a two-step process, first you must leave Thailand, and get the Non-immigrant "O" visa, which is good for 90 days.  Then after 60 days, and within 30 days of the expiration date (not sooner), go to an Immigration office in Thailand and apply for the 12 month marriage extension.

If you already have a Non-immigrant visa, then you can just go straight to the Immigration office and apply for the marriage extension.  You will need all the documents for both the Non-Imm "O" visa and the marriage extension as described below.

The requirements for just the Non "O" visa are more simple than the marriage extension.  Again, these requirements can vary from embassy to embassy, so it is best to find out in advance what is required, if that is not possible, then take EVERYTHING for both the Non "O" visa AND the marriage extension with you, just to be safe.

Between the 90 day Non "O" visa, then the 12 month marriage extension, you are getting 15 months to begin with.

Required documents for the Non-Imm "O" visa include:

For the marriage extension, you will need all of the above documents, plus the following:

Take three copies of everything, sign your name on the bottom of every page of every copy.
Title: Re: Requirements for a Thai Non-Immigrant visa for purpose of visiting family
Post by: GuyHarrison on September 25, 2013, 08:55:54 PM
Firstly Thanks for letting me join. I live in Si Songkhran, Nakhon Phanom. I came across this site quite by chance.
also thanks for the info on the visa requirements, it's always been hit and miss with me most times which involves upsetting the wife, that makes for an unpleasant day.
I saw a post on this forum about Savan Vegas Hotel processing your visa papers. I called them yesterday and they're not doing this service any more.
Would anyone here know of anybody else processing your visa papers? Nothing like having the hassles taken away!
I am due to get my visa extension for 3 months in October, so would appreciate any info.