Author Topic: How far apart should you plant rubber trees on a rubber tree farm in Thailand?  (Read 7550 times)

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What type of spacing is required for rubber trees in Thailand?

RRIT consultants suggests that 3m between trees x 7m between rows is optimum for healthy trees and yield per rai, thats about 76 trees per rai.  Also it allows for interplanting when trees are young and allows a tractor to pass easily between trees and 4 passes (two up and two down each row for ploughing and scraping off grass with a blade or 7 disc attachment.  Closer than that and yield would be adversely affected by overlapping crowns and soil degradation. 

I have planted this way on 50 rai in Nakhon Phanom province and will start tapping next year. So far it looks good.  We have neighbors who have planted 5m x 3m and 6m x 2.5m but the trees seem smaller and not so happy.

However, the 3m between trees does not allow for tractors to pass between trees, so the next section of land that I plant, I'm seriously considering doing a 4m x 6m spacing.  This would allow for better tractor movement between the trees, as well as down the rows.  This spacing would still allow for a nice canopy when the trees mature, and should not adversely effect yield.