Author Topic: Is a visa required to visit Thailand? - YES  (Read 1576 times)

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Is a visa required to visit Thailand? - YES
« on: July 21, 2012, 07:19:13 AM »
Do I need a visa to visit Thailand?

This is NOT legal advice, just my opinion, please see a qualified immigration attorney for legal advice.

The answer is YES, all visitors who do not hold a Thai passport require a visa to visit Thailand.  However, many people can get a 30 day "Visa on Arrival" stamp when they pass through immigration at the airport.  Which means you do not need to do anything in your home country prior to departure to Thailand.

You must have a valid passport from your home country which has an expire date more than 6 months from the date you enter Thailand.

Check out this website for more information regarding your country of origin:Visa on Arrival

When you arrive in Thailand via air, you can get a 30 day visa, by land is only a 15 day visa.

If you want to stay longer than 30 days, then you must get a Tourist visa, good for 60 days, or a non-immigrant visa which is good for 90 days.  These visas must be obtained from a Thai Embassy or Consulate located outside of Thailand.